Our Westana Center Team!

 The Westana management team is compromised of people who live, eat and breath horses and that passion is what makes the Centre so unique. With over 200 years of combined hands-on experience, they understand the importance of maintaining health, well being and peak performance of the beautiful animals whether for pleasure riding, competition or horse racing.


Management and Operations Tteam

Has worked all their lives with horses, particularly high-end Thoroughbred race horses. They combine effectively managing the day to day operations  of the Equine Centre with their expertise in rehab and special care of horses recovering from injuries.

About us

About us

Licensed Trainers

With Decades of experience working with race horses across North America, responsible for all aspects of training. Many of our trainers have been professional Jockeys and have learned from the ground up. They know first-hand what is required to develop conditioned race horses.